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On AsianWomenOnline.net, there are a lot of reviews of the sites where you can meet single Asian women. But how are they created? Who works on them? Here, you will find all the answers.

Who we are?

All the content you can see here is created by the team of AsianWomenOnline — enthusiasts who believe that finding a good dating site that would meet all your criteria should not be such a complex task to do. That is why we use the web, our own experience, and the opportunity to join all the most popular dating sites to find out if they are as good as they seem to be. We have our own system, the algorithm that allows us to evaluate platforms based on the most important criteria like site reputation, features, the quality of support, members’, design, and many other things that affect the user experience and the effectiveness of the platform.

How we monetize the website

All our articles and rankings are free, no exceptions. We work pretty hard to collect tons of data and analyze them. Still, we have expenses, from salaries to hosting and ads. That’s why we cooperate with some of the dating platforms and promote them on AsianWomenOnline.net. This fact may affect the way we represent the information on our site, as well as our rankings, but note that it is not the only thing that determines the website’s grade. By the way, we get money only if someone follows the link to a particular platform, signs up for it and decides to become a paid member. Moreover, we take into consideration dozens of criteria to provide you with the relevant information on a particular site with daters or mail order brides.

How we review and rank dating/mail order bride sites

We have a team of analysts, designers, and writers who analyze sites. All of them have their own responsibilities. We join sites, use them ourselves, collect data on third-party sites like Trustpilot and social networks like Facebook, compare our own empirical experience with other people’s opinion, find out what the pros and cons of a site really are, and compare it to the competitors’ websites, their policies, and offers.

What influences our verdict on the site

As we’ve noted above, we take into consideration lots of factors from how the site looks and feels to the ways to contact others. Still, there are a few things that matter most and that help us understand whether we can recommend the platform or not. We describe them in more detail below.

  1. The number of visitors, new members, and people who keep using the site for a long time. There are a few ways to find out how popular the dating platform really is. We use SEO platforms, in particular, Ahrefs and Semrush that allow finding out how many users are on the site, how many people join and leave it.
  2. The feedback. Our team uses the website to understand if it is good enough, but we never underestimate the opinions of other members. That’s why we look for all kinds of reviews on the web: on social networking sites and platforms like sitejabber.co and Influenster.com not only to understand what the level of customer satisfaction is but also to indicate all the most important pros and cons.
  3. The design matters, too. Bad navigation, interface, and design can spoil everything. Our designers also join the site to find out if it looks and works well enough.
  4. Users’ profiles. Features, design, and the number of members are important, but users’ profiles matter too. We look through hundreds of profiles to find out how old and good-looking they are, how often they reply to messages, and what they are looking for on the site.
  5. Support services. Most platforms provide users with an opportunity to contact support in live chat, by phone, or via email. We try all the ways to reach the team and evaluate the quality of support services, both in terms of one’s qualification and the response speed.

So, that is how our team works. We put every effort to provide you not only with the information you can find on the web yourself, but to do complex research, analyze tons of factors, compare a company to similar players on the market and give the right verdict.