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Charming South Korean brides are one of the most popular Asian women among foreign men. Many see South Korea as a perfect dating destination to meet sexy but cute girls with a close-to-Western mentality. But those stunning ladies have some cultural peculiarities that you need to be aware of before starting a serious relationship. And today, we gathered the most important information about dating culture in South Korea and the best places to meet hot local beauties.

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Why are men crazy about South Korean brides?

Various reasons make single Westerns fall for South Korean women for marriage, but here are some main character traits that make Korean ladies stand out. And, looking ahead, stunning appearance is not the main one.

  1. Cuteness — acting cute is an integral part of Korean culture, and it’s called ‘Aegyo.’ Being cute is part of their unique charm, which attracts Western singles and is very exotic to them.
  2. Perfect bodies — ladies in South Korea are naturally very petite and slim. As being fit and looking fragile is a popular beauty standard, women in Korea work in gyms and follow a diet to achieve that.
  3. Modern view of life — Among Asian ladies looking for marriage, South Koreans are the most progressive. They have a very Western-like attitude to dating and pay a lot of attention to education and self-realization in life.
  4. Conservative — Even though South Korean brides have a modern view of dating and life, there are still many taboos that they choose to follow.

Do South Korean mail order brides for dating like foreign men?

Yes. Korean ladies like to date single men from abroad. The first reason for it lies in the physical attraction, as Westerns are quite different from local men and Korean beauties find it very appealing. Besides, guys from abroad usually pay a lot of attention to wooing the girl they like, and as South Korean beauties love romance, it’s the second reason they are attracted to foreigners.

cute south korean bride

The third reason is mentality difference. One may think that being of different backgrounds will be a stopper from a relationship. Still, South Korean girls admire Western men’s mentality and admire their go-getter attitude, hard work, and strive for success. Some other reasons why South Korean mail order brides love dating foreigners include:

  1. Cultural enrichment
  2. Challenge of becoming more patient and understanding
  3. Foreign men have a more open-minded approach to life in comparison to Korean men
  4. Active lifestyle is very appealing
  5. Men from abroad are more accepting

Those are only some traits and values that still the hearts of Korean beauties. But generally, most women don’t choose their partner based on nationality, they are more concerned about what he values and the chemistry between them.

3 best ways to meet South Korean ladies

Feel like you falling in love without even seeing your South Korean girl? Let’s explore the best ways to meet these oriental beauties.

  1. Visiting South Korea — A trip to South Korea can be an enjoyable and inspiring journey, as South Korea has a lot to offer to a tourist. And while you are enjoying your time there, you can use your chance and approach stunning ladies.
  2. Online dating — It’s the most popular choice for those who desire to meet South Korean ladies easily and effectively. You just need to decide on a site you want to join and start looking for a girlfriend. Online dating is trendy in South Korea, and you can meet a lot of single gorgeous women of all ages interested in meeting men overseas for a romantic relationship.
  3. Dating tours — Another option you have on your search for a lovely Korean girl. Going on a dating tour, you get a lot of help from professional matchmakers, and you can meet South Korean girls in person. However, such services are usually quite pricey.

Each of the options is a great way to connect with gorgeous women from South Korea. Consider all pros and cons and choose the one that suits your situation the most.

Dating in South Korea: Cultural aspect of dating South Korean brides

International and interracial dating, want we or not, has its peculiarities. And you’d better prepare yourself by getting a pick into traditional dating culture. Explore the differences between your views to be ready and go into a serious relationship with a hot South Korean bride knowing what you signed up for.

What is different about dating South Korean mail order brides?

  • 3rd date rule — In South Korea, you need to make up your mind about a girl within three dates if your first date was “blind.” You need to tell her if you want to have a relationship, as casual dating is not a thing in the country. So, keep in mind that, as your girl can straightforwardly ask for your decision.
  • PDA is a huge “no” — Making out or touching each other in public is generally not allowed in Korea. Most couples don’t do that, as it is seen as uncomfortable and rude to other people. However, holding hands is completely fine.
  • You need to learn to take good pictures — It’s almost a requirement for a good boyfriend in South Korea. Your girl can literally get mad at you if you don’t, but in the era of social media, it’s quite a common thing.
  • You can be who you are — There is no pressure to be masculine when you date a South or North Korean girl. There is no standard for men to be strong or overly dominant, as Korean girls appreciate their boyfriend’s romantic, soft and cute side.

What to do after you meet South Korean ladies?

After you find your perfect South Korean online or IRL, goes the communication stage of your yet-to-be relationship. Regardless if you go on dates or stay up all night talking online, try to get to know each other better. Practice active listening, be genuinely curious about your girl’s hobbies and preferences, to feel if she is the one for you.

Perfect date tips with South Korean bride

If you are officially dating and you are curious how to make a date perfect, here are a few tips to help you out:

  1. Plan a date (where you go, what you’ll wear, etc.)
  2. Bringing some flowers or other little token of admiration.
  3. Be a gentleman and make romantic gestures.
  4. Show interest in Korean culture, but don’t make a quiz about it.
  5. Respect your date’s boundaries. South Korean girls are not the one-night-stand type, so find out what physical interaction she is comfortable with before doing anything wrong.

The bottom line

Choosing a beautiful South Korean girl as your life partner is luck for every man. These women are modern but conservative, passionate but sophisticated, always have something to say but choose not to if they don’t see a point. Don’t lose your chance of happiness. Join an international dating site and fall in love with a hot South Korean woman.

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