Jefferey Ziemann

Jefferey Ziemann

Who creates content for Jeffrey Ziemann—a skilled specialist, professional copywriter, and traveler. Jeffrey is a graduate of Temple University, has 7+ years of experience in writing for various platforms and online magazines, including business and IT journals, and took the Creative Writing course at Wesleyan University. How did we get him? Well, we offered him something he always wanted—as a remote worker, Jefferey travels a lot and loves Asia and Asian women most. He even married one of them. We just provided him with an opportunity to use his hobby and experience to create top-quality content, and lucky for us, he agreed!
Here’s what Jefferey says about working for
I went to another country at the age of 27 for the very first time. It was Thailand and I just fell in love with those people, nature, and culture! And more importantly, I realized that I haven’t actually known a thing about the world. The way we see people in other cultures is often very different from who they really are. You probably know what people say about Thai bar girls and, unfortunately, about other women, too. It’s considered that they are easy and often money-hungry. I was more than surprised to know that these are nothing but stereotypes. I’ve traveled to a lot of other Asian countries since that time, including China, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia. I even married a Vietnamese woman, and I must admit I can’t even imagine my life without her now. When the team of AsianWomenOnline offered me to help others find Asian girls, I said yes almost immediately. I don’t want others to believe in all those stupid things that I believed in—Asia is wonderful, each Asian nation is amazing, and there are so many gorgeous women there! My goal is to tell you all I know about them from my own experience and also provide you with statistics, information on the latest dating trends, and of course, information on the top dating sites to help find your love in Asia, of course, if this is what you want.

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