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The first thing you should know if you are into Korean women is that there are two countries — South Korea and North Korea, and the girls in these countries are different. It can be quite confusing to many people, but we will help you see the differences. Today we want to help you understand North Korean brides better and find out why they make great partners for western men.
Choosing a dating site to meet North Korean women is an essential step. Check out those options, reliable specialized dating sites to meet the girl of your dreams.

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What is so special about North Korean mail order brides?

  1. Naturally beautiful — the humble nature of North Korean mail order brides is an excellent addition to their appearance. Their stunning natural beauty can charm any man. Besides, these ladies tend not to wear make-up as they just don’t need it.
  2. Traditional — North Korean brides for sale unlike girls from South Korea are more traditional. They tend to be very respectful of their husbands, we mean, to the highest possible degree, and see them of the relationship and family leaders. Besides, even though most ladies are employed, they are not career-oriented and have no problem being stay-at-home mothers. And the majority of North Korean women are focused on getting married before 30.
  3. Respectful for their parents — the traditional approach to life is also seen through attitude to elders, especially parents. They value their opinion and won’t connect their life with someone that is not approved.
  4. Quite competitive — As many North Korean beauties work equally as men, they tend to be quite competitive in their jobs. And sometimes such an attitude transfers to relationships. If they are interested in a man, they will do everything to be noticeable, and no competition matters. But you should understand that they do it through actions, not makeup or bright clothes as these things are not widely spread in North Korea.
  5. Loving very spicy food — If you can’t stand at least some spices, North Korean girls dating will be quite difficult for you. Korean women just love various spicy noodles, meats, and veggies, so you’d better prepare for developing some spice resistance.

Where can I meet North Korean girls?

If you are looking for Asian bride, there are two options to use to meet North Korean girls. The first one is obvious — going to North Korea. However, it’s not that easy and requires you to put time from work hoping that you have luck meeting someone special.
Another option is more comfortable and practical — dating sites. Those can be of two types: international, that have women from all over the world, and specialized sites for specifically Asian dating. This option is comfortable, accessible, and easy-to-use. You can find someone to talk to just in a few clicks after registration on the platform of your choice.

What is North Korean girls dating like?

North Korean woman looking for men

Due to severely restricted daily life, dating in North Korea is almost not existent. They have no freedom of speech or movement, and the government strictly controls all similar rights. Which, as you may imagine, makes a relationship process very hard. However, dating life has evolved a lot, and here are some facts about what is like modern dating rules in North Korea:

  • The tradition of arranged marriage is not popular anymore. So, nowadays people are free to choose the partners, no matter how traditional or religious their country or relatives are.
  • Younger women who have got access to foreign movies, developed a modern vision of love quite idealistic and romanticized. However, this is still quite a rare view of life: the majority of women in North Korea are waiting for sincere love, respect, and honesty.
  • They are not proactive. Even if they want to be a leader of the relationship, society tells them they can’t. So, a North Korean beauty will almost definitely wait for you to approach her.

Secrets of a happy relationship with North Korean brides

If you are not up for the commitment, don’t start dating a North Korean girl. In North Korea, telling someone, ‘I like you’ is proposing to be a girlfriend, which also means you want them to be your future wife. There is no in-between. Here are some secrets of a happy relationship with North Korean beauty:

  • If you get one rejection of becoming boyfriend and girlfriend, don’t give up that easily, she is just polite. In North Korea, you are expected to ask at least three times.
  • Be honest — No secrets from the very beginning is the basis of a successful relationship with any Asian girl.
  • Be romantic — show your love in the cheesiest way you can, and your North Korean girl will appreciate it.
  • As North Korean ladies are expected to be more conservative and reserved, they don’t show too much emotion. Don’t put pressure on her and don’t wait for her to declare her feelings. Just let your woman take her time.

The bottom line

Dating a North Korean woman is not an easy thing as it’s quite different, but the unique beauty and traditional qualities of these ladies make them a total catch. And the best way to meet such a girl is through reliable dating sites that provide everything you need for comfortable communication.

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