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Gorgeous Asian single ladies are a dream come true for many Americans but what about hot Vietnamese brides? Can one of these women make you truly happy? Let’s talk about these cuties in more detail and answer this question together.

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Pretty Vietnamese mail order brides in the detail

Beautiful Vietnamese women for marriage are one-of-a-kind indeed. But what makes these ladies so special? Let’s talk about these beauties a bit.

Just like Chinese ladies, women from Vietnam are notoriously shy and reserved. They usually do not approach people first simply because they feel uncomfortable doing that. At first sight, it may seem that these women need a lot of personal space and privacy. However, they are only cold with strangers. Moreover, they belong to a collective society, and community support is very important to them. So don’t take their shyness for rudeness or arrogance.

If you are interested in what it’s like to date a Vietnamese bride, in relationships these girls are particularly caring partners who will do literally anything for their sweetheart. Such a girlfriend will share both happy and sad moments of life with you and she will always be on your side no matter what. Therefore, if you feel like you are finally ready for serious relationships, this woman is going to be perfect for you.

To give you a better understanding of who these ladies really are, here is a little list of character traits most of them have:

  • Loyal
  • Caring
  • Shy
  • Patient
  • Smart
  • Kind
  • Fun-loving

Why are Vietnamese women looking for American man?

There are many reasons why women from Vietnam want to marry an American man. Moreover, some of these ladies have more than one reason. So let’s take a quick look at the most popular reasons why these girls seek love abroad to get a better understanding of these women.

  • They are physically attracted to Americans.
  • Some of these women have political reasons to immigrate.
  • Local men simply cannot give these girls everything they need.
  • These ladies couldn’t find their true love in Vietnam and hope to find it abroad.

Vietnamese women: dating and courtship

Certainly dating these women is going to be different from dating American ladies. But how exactly? Here are some Vietnamese courtship rules you need to know if you want to conquer this woman’s heart:

  • Men are always expected to pay on all the dates so don’t offer to split.
  • If you want to show her your serious intentions about her, meet her parents and introduce her to yours.
  • Do not insist on physical intimacy, third date rule doesn’t really work in Vietnam.
  • Avoid public display of affection, these girls do not tolerate that.

As you can see, these rules aren’t very difficult to follow, so keep those in mind and you’ll easily make a beauty from Vietnam fall in love with you.

Myths about Vietnamese mail order brides

Vietnamese girl

Certainly, Western people, and Americans in particular, have a lot of myths about ladies from Vietnam, so let’s bust some of these ridiculous misconceptions together.

  • These women only need your money. Nope, most of them are seeking a reliable partner and just love, and, well, it is essential for that person to be able to provide for the family.
  • Women from Vietnam secretly hate Americans. Although some people still remember the past, most Vietnamese people, including women, certainly do not have Americans.
  • They only want to marry you to immigrate to the United States. Green Card is not a good enough reason to marry a person you don’t like, so it’s another myth.
  • They don’t want to work and this is why they want to get married as soon as possible. Actually, most of these women are very hardworking as well as have career ambitions.

Vietnamese brides: cons and pros

Finally, to figure out whether this girl is a perfect match for you, let’s take a look at the cons and pros of having a relationship with a lady from Vietnam.


  • These ladies are breathtakingly gorgeous
  • They are very unlikely to argue with you or question your point of view
  • Girls from Vietnam are loyal to their partners until the end
  • They will always help you even if you don’t ask for help


  • They live thousands of miles away from you
  • Maintaining a long-distance relationship is pretty challenging


Beautiful ladies from Vietnam are with no exaggeration perfect. Cute, smart, kind, loyal, and caring, they are a great match for any man. Therefore, if you feel like such a woman will make you truly happy, leave all your fears behind, sign up on a dating platform, and meet Vietnamese women right now.

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