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We at Asianwomenonline.net are focused on improving the quality of the online dating experience for thousands of single men and women from the United States and from all over the world. We want our website to become more popular and we want more and more singles from all over the world to be able to learn something useful about online dating and international relationships. That’s why we cooperate with dating websites, mass media, and writers — but the list of our potential partners is not limited to these three categories. If you want to know how to become a partner of Asianwomenonline, continue reading.

Dating websites

If you represent a dating platform, we will gladly cooperate with you. What can we do for you? 

  • We can analyze the quality of the female profiles on the site — if you need detailed statistics, we can provide it to you. 
  • We can write a review of your website — our writers will check its services and create an independent and honest review of the platform. Tens of thousands of potential users will know about your dating site with our help! 
  • We can advertise your platform on our site (banner advertising). 
  • We can tell our readers and subscribers about your bonus/promotional offers via email or on our Instagram/Facebook pages. 

Influencers and mass media

We cooperate with the media, too! If you’re a representative of mass media, be it offline or online mass media, we’ll gladly work with you — contact us at  https://asianwomenonline.net/contact/ to get more details. But it’s not only about the media. We also partner with: 

Social Media public pages 

Influencers: bloggers (including YouTube and Vimeo), social media stars, reality TV stars, niche micro- and nano- influencers, social media activists (especially the ones who want to change the world of online dating!), journalists, etc. 

Platforms that provide advice on dating and relationships — if you’re the owner or a representative of such a website, we can cooperate, too! 

Just contact us at https://asianwomenonline.net/contact/, discuss the details, and get benefits from a partnership with us. It’s simple, fair, and mutually beneficial!

Writers, experts, and creative minds

You don’t need to be a celebrity or an influencer to cooperate with us. The only thing you need to have to work with AsianWomenOnline is an interesting idea or experience! If you want to share your experience, your story, or an interesting fact with thousands of our readers, you only need to contact us and send your article to our team. After that, the editors will proofread it, and if everything is ok, we’ll publish your post in our blog. Here’s what you can write about: 

  • Relationship problems and issues you solved. Had arguments with your foreign bride? Had problems with communication with an online soulmate? Want to tell people about the cultural differences of women from other countries? Or about the communication issues they need to be aware of? Then, write an article and send it to us — we’ll gladly share your story with our readers! 
  • Dating/mail order bride facts and interesting or important statistics. Found something interesting about international dating? Let us know! 
  • Guides on online dating, international relationships, mail order brides, etc. 

Everything is pretty simple: you write a creative and interesting article using clean language, then you send it to us. After that, we proofread it and publish it — that’s how you can share your ideas with tens of thousands of people who are interested in online dating. But please, keep in mind that we do not post texts with external links (except for the ones that generate value for readers) and SEO articles here.

Still have questions? Contact us here https://asianwomenonline.net/contact/ and get all the answers — we will gladly answer all of your questions and explain all the details regarding cooperation. 

Who creates content for AsianWomenOnline.net? Jeffrey Ziemann—a skilled specialist, professional copywriter, and traveler. Jeffrey is a graduate of Temple University, has 7+ years of experience in writing for various platforms and online magazines, including business and IT journals.
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