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When it comes to international relationships, Japanese women for marriage tend to be in high demand among girls from Asian countries. On the other hand, Japanese ladies also show a lot of interest in looking for a foreign partner. They join international dating sites to find a suitable partner, someone to have fun with, chat, or maybe even to look for a future husband — the intentions vary. Today, we are going to learn why girls in Japan make men fall in love so easily and why you should consider looking for a beautiful Japanese girlfriend.

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Why do men love Japanese brides?

Stunning Japanese brides for marriage can make any man crazy with their stunning oriental look and gorgeous curves of their petite bodies. According to a demographic study, 6,329 Japanese women married a foreigner in 2016, and their number has only increased. But how do these beauties spark so much interest in men with different mentality and culture?

  1. Unique beauty — Appearance is undeniably one of the most important factors that men notice in their potential date. Japanese ladies have that youthful, tender, and sexy look that no man can resist. If you are into Japanese beauty, you can also check out Mongolian girls.
  2. Omoiyari culture — The concept of it is embedded in Japanese culture and explains one of the most attractive traits of single Japanese women for marriage. “Omoiyari” means having respect and caring about others and your surroundings. Japanese girlfriend surrounds the men she loves with nurture and positive attitudes, support, and motivation.
  3. Shyness — Modern Western girls take pride in being independent, powerful, which is definitely a great thing. On the contrary, Japanese brides appear as more shy and fragile, making men want to protect and surround them with care.

Those are only a few things that make women from Japan so desirable. Let’s see what cultural peculiarities they have.

National peculiarities of Japanese women for marriage

Japanese culture leaves a mark on the attitudes, values, and some dating aspects of Japanese women seeking marriage. That could make your attempts to date a local girl a little bit tricky, but there is a way to understand the culture from a Western perspective. The key is to embrace the differences and to have mutual respect.

  • No confession — no dating. Your relationship won’t start unless one of the partners declares feelings and asks to date the other party. Only from this point your relationship online or offline will begin. Also, note that Japanese beauties suppose it is their partner who should take the first step and take the relationship to the next level.
  • Dates in Asia are long. If you want to date hot Asian girl be ready to spend more time than you get used to in your home country. Japanese people love to meet their friends for a quick lunch or to have a “coffee date”. But they see the time spent as a couple as very precious, and on weekends, they try to plan longer dates together — something like combining going on a long stroll or shopping in one date-day.
  • Asian women don’t appreciate PDA. Keep your hands to yourself (or at least in public in Japan). Even if you are on a date with the hottest Japanese girl and you can’t think about anything but to kiss her, you’ll need to practice some restraint. PDA is not a thing in the country, and for all things intimate is a time and a place.
  • Girls love men who act more than talk. Beautiful Japanese girls tend to be quite shy, which makes showing emotions not an easy thing. And they don’t scatter ‘I love you’ as freely as people from western countries. So, unless the girl is head over heels about you, she will show your feelings by gestures, actions, and not words.
  • Japanese beauties just love stay-at-home dates. Couples in Japan think that spending quality time is very important for developing a deeper bond and connection. That’s why Japanese girls will prefer a home date to a loud party.
  • In Asia, people care about the blood type. Don’t freak out if your Japanese beauty asks you about your blood type. People in Japan see it more or less like a zodiac sign, which comes with certain assumptions about each one. That might be something you don’t understand, but your Japanese date might find it quite important.
  • Only half of the couples live together before marriage. For Western minds living together is a natural thing in the route of developing a relationship and marriage. But for Japanese people, living together before marriage promises bad luck. However, modern couples start to practice it.
  • Konkatsu parties & Goukon meetings are traditional forms of dates in Japan. Konkatsu parties are created for people interested in getting married, and Goukon meetings are similar to regular parties in the West. Single people meet and go out for drinks.

Where can I find single Japanese women for marriage?

oriental women

Traveling to Japan is always a good idea, as the country has so many exciting sights, delicious food, and unique traditions. But with busy modern lifestyles, most people can’t afford to go on a month-long vacation from work. And here comes specialized international dating websites. You can meet Japanese woman online just in a few clicks after registering. Approaching a girl on-site is very easy, as you can learn a lot from a detailed profile, and also you already know that all women there are interested in communication with foreign men.

How to date Japanese women seeking marriage?

We don’t mean to stereotype Japanese women, as each of the girls has a unique personality that requires a special approach. However, we gathered some helpful tips that will make you a pro in dating Japanese.

Japanese women are harder to pick up than you might think

TV shows and movies give a false illusion that Asian ladies are easy to pick up. But in reality, Japanese beauties take dating very seriously. So, be prepared for a challenge and don’t forget that girls in Japan love gentlemen and good manners.

Don’t shower the girl with your knowledge of Japanese culture

Showing your interest and appreciation of the culture is completely normal. But playing know-it-all only with knowledge you get from movies and cartoons is not a good strategy. You shouldn’t talk about your passion for the culture, as you probably wouldn’t be the first guy to tell her about it. The only thing that you’ll achieve is she’ll think that you are just a fan.

Forget about cultural stereotypes

Don’t forget that you date a woman, not a country. So, you should treat your Japanese girl not as an Asian but as an individual. Being Japanese is something that she has no control of, as we don’t choose where to be born. But better get to know what makes her smile, what are her passions, hobbies, interests. Get to know the girl you are talking to instead of making assumptions based only on stereotypes.

The bottom line

Stunning Japanese girls can become loving and caring partners that can make their men happy. If you are to date one of those ladies, just try to treat her, first of all, as a woman, instead of following stereotypes about Japanese people. Follow your heart and join an international dating site to meet the woman for a fun long-distance romance.

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