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The mail order bride site scams are extremely dangerous. The average American victim of online dating scammers loses around $2,600 — and we believe that it’s not what you want to get from online dating. Let’s talk about scam mail order brides sites.

Dating scammer list 

First, here’s the dating scammer list:

  • Cherry Blossoms
  • GoDateNow
  • J4L
  • Find Bride
  • Rubrides
  • Rose brides
  • Dream Marriage 
  • Dream Singles
  • Elena’s Models
  • EuroDate
  • BridgeOfLove

It’s not an exhaustive list, of course — unfortunately, the number of dating sites scams is increasing every year and we just can’t find and list them all. What we can do is help you understand how these websites work and how they steal your money.

Dating sites scams: How it actually works?

When you meet a scammer on a good dating site, it’s usually very simple — they want to get your money directly from you. They always tell sad stories about themselves or their relatives, they try to make you send them money because they’re going to buy a ticket or because they need to pay for their visa, etc. The pattern can vary but it’s always about asking you to send them money. 

The dating sites scams — for example, the ones we’ve listed above — don’t work like that. But first, you need to understand that not all the dating sites from the list above want to steal your money. Cherry Blossoms, for example, isn’t a 100% scam platform — but it’s definitely a platform that doesn’t care about the quality of services and profiles. Once you sign up on this platform, you get dozens of messages from women who will want to move you over to a private email address. After that, you’ll hear a lot of sad stories that only have one goal — to make you send money. The problem with Cherry Blossoms is that this website doesn’t ban and doesn’t delete false profiles and scam profiles even when users report them — so it’s not a 100% scam, but you still should avoid it because you won’t find anything but hundreds of mails from bots, fake, and scam profiles on it. 

At the same time, we can’t say that the websites like J4L, Elena’s Models, GoDateNow, EuroDate, RoseBrides, Dream Marriage, and basically ALL the sites from our list (except for CherryBlossoms which is still awful) don’t care about scammers. 

They were designed to rip you off, that’s the point. They have 0 genuine female profiles — you can try to sign up as a woman (on some of them, you’ll be banned immediately). The women on these websites are paid actresses (or “translators” as they call them on Ukrainian and Russian job search websites) who get paid when you send them messages. That’s why they are extremely flirty and friendly, and that’s why you’ll get lots of mails right after the registration when you don’t even have a photo yet. 

How to find trusted mail order brides websites?

Finding trusted mail order brides websites isn’t that hard, actually. There are lots of details you must be aware of, but the most important rules you have to follow are quite simple. There are actually only two main rules, and here they are:

  • First, you must read dozens of reviews before you even sign up on a dating website. At the same time, you need to understand that some dating sites scams are great at “reputational management” — they write dozens of positive reviews about themselves to hide their real nature. But it’s still impossible — if the dating site is a scam, you will still find negative reviews about it. 
  • Second, test the dating websites yourself. Use reverse image search to find out if the profiles are real. Pay attention to the messages they send you. If you get tens of emails from hot foreign brides right after the registration, something is certainly wrong with this dating site.

Finding love is easy if you choose the right website, what really matters is your desire to build a happy relationship online!

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