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Not that many guys think about Ulaanbaatar (capital of Mongolia) as the best dating destination. And that’s their mistake, which gives a massive advantage for you. You can easily find stunning and charming Mongolian women for marriage. But even as you have little competition, there is still a lot to learn about these hot girls and the peculiarities of their dating culture. You can find everything that you need to know in our article.

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What are you missing out on dating Mongolian brides?

Most Westerners assume that gorgeous Mongolian ladies are the same as their neighbors, Chinese, Korean, Japanese beauties. But that’s a big mistake. Despite similar looks, Mongolian girls for marriage are quite different. So, if you think that you know everything about those ladies, here are five things that you are totally missing out on.

  1. Hot appearance — Mongolian mail order brides are undoubtedly beautiful. Their angelic features, complemented by long and slender bodies, resulted from the mixture of Russian and Chinese genes. Their sexy curves make them very feminine and attractive.
  2. Stylish — How one looks is very important in Mongolia. There is an excellent old local saying to explain that: “Without clothes, you are a devil; clothes make you God.” That’s why women can spend a fortune on clothes — they want to always look neat, stylish, and charming.
  3. Ambitious — Modern Mongolian girls prefer to chase their careers and dreams instead of settling for a stay-home wife position. That makes them very close to the mentality of Western women. Beautiful Mongolian ladies are more independent and assertive in their interactions with men, and that only enhances their femininity.
  4. Well-educated — Common misconception about women that look for a partner online is that they are pretty clueless dolls. That’s just a huge myth as women from Mongolia invest so much in their education and self-development.
  5. Nurturing & Attentive — A remarkable trait of lovely Mongolian girls is that they tend to be very loving and nurturing. Even with strive to have a successful career, they still find family very important and make an effort to be the best Asian wife for their husband.

Where can you meet Mongolian women?

mongolian women for marriage

With modern technologies, you don’t need to travel to Ulaanbaatar to meet stunning Mongolian singles. Instead of preparing to deal with the blistering cold Mongolian winter, you can remain in the comfort of your home, and meet Mongolian women online. Choosing an international dating site for romantic chat, flirt, and long-distance relationships is the wisest choice you can make if you want to meet the local girl. However, you should look at the pros & cons of meeting Mongolian women for marriage online before considering this way as your main one.


  • Easy — You can register in a few minutes and start dating. Besides, modern sites are easy-to-use as they have intuitive navigation and round-the-clock support.
  • Accessible — Anyone can join, and you don’t need to have previous experience with online dating.
  • It’s easy to be popular among stunning Mongolian girls — As the gender ratio difference is so big in Mongolia, a lot of attractive guys become celebrities among women. So, with all those great qualities, you have a big chance of attracting the hottest ladies.
  • Reasonably priced — Usually, prices are quite flexible and can be tailored to any budget. And also, there are a ton of services and features that are free to use.


  • Vast selection of sexy Mongolian women can be overwhelming.
  • Only a part of ladies speaks English (but on-site translation is a helpful tool for that).

Peculiarities of dating Mongolian girls for marriage

Dating in Mongolia is not the same as in Western countries, as the local culture and long history influenced the mentality of Mongolian beauties. Here are some main national peculiarities of dating in Mongolia.

  1. Mongol women want to have an equal partner. Young girls are taught to seek equal life partners. That makes the process of finding a suitable match even harder.
  2. If you are Chinese, you have the tiniest possible chance to start a relationship with a Mongolian girl. There is still a grudge between the nations, as Mongolians haven’t forgiven China for colonization, so marriages with their men are out of rich.
  3. When you think about marrying a Mongolian girl, ask your dad if he is ready to travel to Mongolia. It is customary for a potential groom’s father to ask the girl’s parents for engagement permission


Gorgeous Mongolian women are incredible, smart, and driven. They can become great partners in life. With a lack of tourism, it is an even more attractive destination for foreign singles seeking feminine and charming girls. And to meet them, you don’t need to go anywhere, as online dating is the best method for meeting those beauties.

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