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Tropical country Sri Lanka is a land of beautiful nature, unique culture, and truly extraordinary women. Even though Sri Lanka is considered Asian, not many Asian features can be used to describe the people of this country, and especially it is very different and contrasting from its Indian neighbors. If you find the beauty of Sri Lankan brides just impeccable and if you realize that it should enter your life, keep on reading our article. You will find what is so special about these beauties and why men worldwide travel to the country to find a future wife, mainly from Sri Lanka.

If you don’t want to wait and are ready to dive into a love journey and meet Sri Lankan women online, here are the top international dating platforms where you can connect in a comfortable, romantic environment.

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Why are Sri Lankan brides not “typical Asians”?

Even though Sri Lanka is located in Southeast Asia, so gorgeous Sri Lankan mail order brides aren’t traditional Asians. The closest country to the island that has the most significant impact on it is India, which also has a very distinctive culture, and even the appearance of Indian brides is different from Chinese, Korean, and Japanese ladies for dating. That appearance is often considered Asian but it is a mixture of plenty of genes, and Sri Lankan girls also can boast of that mix, which makes them unique and exotic.

Stunning Sri Lankan women for dating and marriage are worth your attention not for their ethnicity but for the qualities they have and values they share. They are regular girls that want to find true love and be loved. They register on dating sites to find a good man that will treat them properly and provide them a happier life. But, don’t think that those beauties are looking for a sponsor, as they are usually interested in men with serious intentions and true feelings.

What makes Sri Lankan mail order brides so desirable?

Women in Sri Lanka are blessed with many great qualities that make men want to marry them. But what exactly makes them so desirable?

  • Sri Lankan beauty. The caramel brown or raven hair, perfect facial features, and intriguing body curves of hot Sri Lankan ladies are just irresistible. But due to some European “influence” (Burghers), you can meet women with light eyes and even blonde hair.
  • Faithful partners. Gorgeous Sri Lankan women looking for men a popular among foreigners as they are loyal and faithful to their boyfriends and husbands. It seems to be an inborn trait of Sri Lankan girls brought up with traditional ideals of family and relationships. If you date a girl from Sri Lanka, you get a partner that is always on your side no matter what.
  • Hospitality. One of the distinctive features of people in Sri Lanka is their welcoming nature and hospitality. No wonder why the country has a nickname, the Land of Smiles. Beautiful Sri Lankan women have kind hearts and are always happy to help those in need.
  • Talented. Women from Sri Lanka are skilled in many ways. We don’t even mention that the majority of girls are bilingual or can speak different languages. But they also are great at multitasking, running house errands, caring for kids, and always looking good.

Is it better to travel to Sri Lanka or use a dating site to meet Sri Lankan women?

If you were wondering where you can meet real Asian brides there is a constant debate whether using a dating site or traveling to the country is better. Let’s make a rundown of each option’s main pros and cons to see what will work for you better.

Pros & cons of visiting Sri Lanka


  1. Unique experience of meeting new people and familiarize yourself with a new culture
  2. Great place for vacation
  3. You meet women IRL


  1. Relying on luck is not the strongest dating strategy
  2. You never know if girls’ intentions are similar to yours
  3. Looking for a suitable match might be hard

Pros & cons of using an international dating site


  1. Comfortable & easy
  2. You don’t need to travel abroad
  3. No changes to your busy lifestyle
  4. Professional dating advice (some sites have blogs with plenty of tips and tricks for successful dating)


  1. Too big number of potential partners to date might be puzzling
  2. Having a long-distance relationship is not easy

Both options (online and traditional dating) will give you a chance to meet stunning Sri Lankan girls. Take into consideration all pros and cons to see what will work for you.

3 things you should know about dating Sri Lankan mail order brides

When you consider an international relationship with any woman, you should explore the culture of the country your girl lives in to understand her better and see if there are some core deal-breakers for you. Don’t neglect this, as it’s always better to know what to expect from a partner than to be shocked later on. To help you, we prepared three main things about dating in Sri Lanka mixed with some cultural peculiarities to prop you up for a happy relationship.

sri lankan women

  • Mail-order brides are standard practice. In most countries, marrying a partner in such a way is considered exotic. But in Sri Lanka, such a concept perfectly aligns with the local beliefs. Arranged marriages have long been a tradition. However, truth be told, younger generations are lore into love matches, so it’s pretty rare nowadays.
  • Religion can be a deal-breaker for many people, and before committing, you should know that the majority of Sri Lankan beauties are Buddhist. Even though not all of them practice religion, these ladies are usually not willing to change their beliefs.
  • Sri-Lankan people respect traditional gender roles in the family. In Western culture, modern gender roles in a family are not that distinctive and separated as they used to be decades ago. But in Sri Lanka, husbands usually focus on income opportunities while wives focus on the domestic sphere.

Final thoughts on Sri Lankan women for marriage

It’s time to stop being lonely and stop wasting time on a failed, never-ending stream of dates. A gorgeous Sri Lankan girl can become your faithful partner, soulmate, and perfect wife. To connect with those beauties, use professional dating sites to communicate in a safe and romantic environment.

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